WOEIH Show #187

Date: 2015-02-28
Guests: Bob Tuskin, Jay Parker
Call In Show
Topics: Free Your Mind 3 Conference, Neo-Feminism Agenda, the Power that Awakened Women have in healing the world through influencing Order-Followers to quit their jobs, Dark Occult Whistle-Blowers, Humanity's Awakening Process, Natural Law, True Care, Neo-Feminism and Epi-Eugenics, the Inauthentic Man and Woman, how Fear of what other people think holds people back, the Mind-Set of Satanists, the Elitism of some who believe they are "Awakened," people need a Long View of Human History, Humanity's deep attachment to Ego-Identification, Home-Birthing and Home-Schooling, the Emasculation of modern Males, Estrogen-Mimickers in food, "Gender-Benders," Standing strong in Truth, Meetup and Support Groups for those who seek and speak Truth.
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