WOEIH Show #190

Date: 2015-04-04
Topics: Gun Ownership Rights, the Gun as a bringer of a more civilized society, the Fear of Self-Defense and Rebellion Against Tyranny, Nations whose populations have already been disarmed, the Occult Season Of Sacrifice, False-Flag Attacks, Mass Human Sacrifice Rituals, Force vs. Violence, the Morality of Physical Rebellion Against Tyranny, the American Revolution as an Act Of Love, Fallacious Arguments Against Rightful Rebellion, Cowardice as the main excuse for the continued acceptance of Tyranny, Pacifism as an Ideology based in Self-Loathing, Thomas Paine's statement that ALL Tories are Cowards, the Colossal Ignorance of America's Youth, Communist Professors in American Schools, Taxation as Theft Violence and Slavery, Advice for potential Gun Owners, Overcoming Psychological Obstacles to Gun Ownership, Training with Firearms, Synchronicity, Police Violence Epidemic in America, Moral Allegories in Popular Fiction, Situational Awareness, the Personal responsibility that comes with Gun Ownership.
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