WOEIH Show #196

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Date: 2016-01-11
Topics: Excuses people make for immoral Order-Followers, Allegiance To Truth And Freedom is higher than allegiance to family, Order-Followers as Cult Members, True Courage, Obama's Executive Orders regarding firearms, Disarming Anti-Authoritarians and Veterans, the Oregon standoff with Militia members at the Mahler Wildlife Refuge, Standing up to Tyranny, How the Oregon Militia members' situation differs from the situation of the Occupy Protesters, Saying The Lost Word "NO," Overt Criminals vs. Occult Criminals, Courage to stand up to bullies and tyrants, Left-Brained "EggHeads," Right-Brained "Spiritualists," the Cowardice of people who are Brain-Imbalanced, how the situation we face is NOT A JOKE, the Importance of the R-Complex of the Brain, the Importance of Preparedness and Self-Defense, "Having The Psychopath," Apocalypse vs. Armageddon, Idiots who belive government propaganda about ISIS being their biggest threat, Philadelphia Police Officer shooting "in the name of Islam," Operation Cyclone, the covert radicalization of Islam by the CIA and ISI, "Charlie Wilson's War."
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